Precision 2000/Dl3000 Replacement Diamond Blade

Item # 22

  • $91.49


Diamond Tech’s diamond blades continue to be both durable and efficient. That is why nothing cuts and lasts like a Diamond Tech Studio Pro blade! Diamond blades are diamond coated for wet sawing glass, stone, marble, tile, ceramic, and other mineral based materials.

Fits: Precision 2000, Precision Deluxe, Speedster, Speedster XL, DL3000, DL3000-XL, DL1000 or band saws using 37” blade.

  • Each blade is made of strong stainless steel.
  • Each are selected for its resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • The blades are coated with the finest diamond abrasive.
  • The thin diamond coated blades allows it to glide through glass cleanly and easily.
  • Minimizes grinding time which saves precious glass.