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Commercial Wet Saw

DL7000 Bandsaw

The biggest professional saw for the biggest studio jobs. The Diamond Laser 7000 slices through slab glass, dalles, cast glass, fused glass, marble and tile up to 1 1/2" thick.

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Whether you cut porcelain, granite, stone or glass, the Diamond Laser Bandsaws are up for the task. Use Diamond Laser bandsaws to help conquer your next project.

Eric Rattan · "Born to Dance" Sante Fe Design Studio

Diamond Laser Saws

Unbelievable Cuts

Diamond Tech

Established in 1992, we attribute our success not only to new innovative products but to the strong relationships we have forged with our customers over the years.

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Time Saver

We used to cut circles on a regular table saw, taking up to 1/2 hour to cut. Now using the DL7000, we cut them in 10 minutes, saving time and money.
Raul Rodriquez
Whistler Tile Marble

An Alternative to Waterjet

Without the DL5000, we would have had the design cut by waterjet, costing 4 times as much for the job
Cliff Siler
Tile Installer

Cuts Stone Slabs Wonderfully

My new Diamond Laser 7000 is wonderful on stone slabs cut with your saws.
Rochelle Avola
mma's of Dedham, Dedham, MA

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